Common Questions About The LASIK Surgery

June 17, 2021 by No Comments

Many of us are being tired to wearing glasses and wants to dumb their glasses for sure but still have some questions in their mind. So here are some questions that may arise in your mind and the answer that can give you satisfaction. you will get the LASIK surgery in Delhi (

Is LASIK Painful?

So this is good news for you. Fortunately, LASIK surgery is not painful. Right before your LASIK surgery procedure, your surgeons will numb your eye drops into both of your eyes. You could feel pressure during the procedure but you should not feel any type of pain. Also your surgeons will give you some medications to help you to remain calm and relaxed during the LASIK surgery. Right after the procedure you will feel the itching or burning sensation in your eyes but it should go quickly.

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects With Lasik Surgery?

With all the surgery there is some risk involved, just similar to LASIK surgery there is some risk and side effects too. But these side effects and complications are not high. So the following issues are found when you get the LASIK surgery:-

  • Dry eyes, this is a common problem that occurs just after the LASIK surgery.
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Under correction or over correction, in this situation you have to wear glasses
  • At the time of the surgery complications with the flap of corneal tissues has occur
  • Your night-time vision may impaired especially while driving

When Will You See The Result?

Just after the LASIK eye surgery you will see things from a distance that you could not see before. It should improve within the first few days after the surgery. In starting you may feel some itching and sensitivity after your procedure but this is so common and natural. Most of the patients feel comfortable with their vision after the day of LASIK. Most surgeons suggest closing eyes for a few hours and after 4-5 hours they will feel comfortable with their new vision.  So the conclusion is you will get the result just after the LASIK but not as much as you supposed but day after the LASIK you will get the right and clear vision. you can get the surgery in India because LASIK surgery cost in India ( is affordable.

How Do You Know If You Are A Good Candidate For Lasik?

For LASIK adults are also eligible for this. So for a good candidacy there are some criteria for it. Not everyone is a good candidate under the LASIK surgery. So here are some factors that affects your candidacy:-

  • The prescription must be stable for a year if your prescription is stable then you are being a good candidate
  • If you don’t have any medical history or family vision problem
  • If you are under 40s and above 20s then this is a perfect age for you to get LASIK
  • If you don’t have any cataracts then you are probably a good candidate.